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Approx 1728 Oliver Goldsmith was an Irishman, born probably on November 10, 1728, at Pallas, in the County of Longford, the son of a clergyman in the Church of England

1749 Graduated from Trinity College

1756 Became a junior schoolmaster at Peckham, a London suburb.

1760 Goldsmith began to publish The Citizen of the World in the Public Ledger, a magazine run by a really great publisher, John Newbery. These essays, purporting to be written by a Chinese philosopher ?Lien Chi?about London and the English, established Goldsmith`s reputation

1764 The Traveller (poem)

1766 The Vicar of Wakefield Surfaces. No one knows when it was written

1768 The Good Natured Man (play)

1770 The Deserted Village (poem)

1773 She Stoops to Conquer (play)

04/04/1774 At the age of forty-five, on April 4, 1774, Goldsmith died.

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